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Balancing the good and bad emotions

Our journeys are all different.
No two stories are the same.
They may be similar, but not the same.

I’ve been told countless times, mostly by trolls, that I’m a negative person. To just be grateful.

Well guess what, this journey is HARD. And yes, there is a lot of heartache, frustration, sadness, anger and so much more that comes with it.
There is also joy, gratitude, celebration, pride.

Some weeks lean more one way than the other. Some days it feels hard to focus on the positives because the hard stuff comes crashing in huge waves.

But I’m human. I’ll never get the perfect balance of sharing the good and not so good. There is a lot that doesn’t get shared, which means you’re seeing a small glimpse. Keep that in mind. When a struggle gets shared, it may not come with the 10 reasons of gratefulness. When a milestone gets shared, it may not come with all the tears that were shed to get there or over what else has been going on that day. A glimpse. That’s what you see.

My biggest reason for sharing this journey (beside personal journaling) is to help other families feel less alone and to help others get a glimpse of this kind of life to maybe gain some empathy for other humans. Making those connections helps me too, to feel less alone.

So much of society says “be happy, be positive” which yeah, it’s important, but that’s not all there is to life.
Us as human beings have emotions.
And they’re valid.
And it’s okay to struggle.

Remember that gratitude and suffering can exist at the same time.

So yeah, maybe sometimes I’m too negative. Aren’t we all.
Or maybe it’s that being REAL makes people uncomfortable.

Our journeys are all different.
People handle things differently, reach certain milestones at different times when it comes to how we feel and approach tough situations. What works for some, doesn’t for others.

So let’s be patient, kind, understanding, forgiving.

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