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Backyard Activities for kids

There is lots of fun that can be had in your very own backyard. Going to the playground, planning playdates or visiting places is not always an option, which is why I’ve come up with some ideas to jumpstart your backyard fun list.

  • Let them “paint” the wooden fence with Water
  • bring out the sidewalk chalk
  • Colour Scavenger Hunt; take a sheet of paper and draw several blocks of colour on it, with things you know are in your backyard. Let your kids find objects that match the colour blocks on the paper
  • Water Balloons. As an alternative, you can also use a bucket full of water and sponges.
  • Create a backyard obstacle course – let the kids help build it too!
  • Slip-and-slide
child sliding on blue and orange slippery pad with water splash at daytime
  • Messy Twister; bring your twister game outside, lay it out, mix shaving cream with coordinating colours, put a generous scoop on each dot and watch the mess – and fun – unfold
  • Giant Bubbles: fill a kiddy pool with water and dish soap, use a hula-hoop to create giant bubbles. they can even stand in the pool and get surrounded by the bubble – fun!
  • Potato Sack Races
  • Freeze Dance
  • Ball Games – soccer, dodgeball, catch etc
  • Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Free Play. You’d be surprised how well kids can entertain themselves. Give them some backyard toys – or don’t – and let them have some fun. It may take some time for them to become accustomed to independent play if they haven’t had much practice, but trust me, once they learn it, it makes a huge difference.

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