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Advocacy November 2019

We had our event today with the Children’s Health Foundation for the LCBO fundraising campaign. Yep, that’s a Liquor Store. No, we’re not letting our 5-year-old promote drinking alcohol 🤣

What we DID do, is share his story with some of their staff as a preparation for their annual fundraising campaign for the Children’s Foundation. This campaign helps raise money so the hospital can buy new and updated equipment. Equipment that saves lives. Equipment that saved Timothy’s life while he was there (and Ethan’s). They’re officially launching their campaign at the beginning of December, and we’ll share the Video we recorded for it once it goes live.

We’ve always said, if we can save even ONE family from going through what we did by sharing our story, all the emotions and memories that come with it are worth it.

You know those “would you like to donate $2 to ________”. Just do it. You may think they’re just missing out on $2 if you don’t. But what if the person after you, and the person after them, and the next 10 don’t either? But. What if they do?
You giving up your morning coffee could play a vital part in saving a child’s life. Think about that. Next time you’re making that decision, think about Timothy and Ethan. And the life they get to live due to the life-saving equipment (and staff that uses them) that can get purchased with your contribution.

And yup, we can advocate for 2 hospitals. Because in the end, we’re all trying to better the future of our children.

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