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Accessibility Issues

Can we talk about accessibility? Or lack there of?

I never realized how inaccessible this world is until I had a child who needs that accessibility, and will one day need it even more as he gains independence and won’t have me to give him the push he needs or simply carry him in.

Things that were once a slight inconvenience are now a barrier.
I’m seeing it everywhere, and it makes me sad.

It’s 2021.
The world is trying to say it’s accepting disability and equality.
Well, guess what.
A lot of it is talk.
You can be all for inclusion, equality, acceptance and all those great things that make you look like a caring person, but if you don’t actively seek out ways to make sure everyone actually has equal opportunity, it’s just talk and doesn’t help anyone.

Have you seen the photo where a group of kids is standing in front of a set of stairs and ramp? The focus was to clear the stairs first, as more kids could use those and only one child needed the ramp. BUT, if they clear the ramp not only can the child with a wheelchair use it, but every other child can too.

I also used to think that if there was a handicapped symbol at a building it meant it’s fully accessible. How neat. Except not. Ramps are often made too steep. Or there’s a step at the bottom? Very helpful. It may seem accessible to an outsider, but people actually needing these accommodations know it may very well not be.

For some places, accessibility stops right at the front door. When you can’t even get into the building. Or you can get in, but then can’t do much more. We went to an appointment that in no way allowed for us to bring Ethans medical stroller, so we had to carry him, and all his gear.

Other places may be accessible, but then lack the upkeep. Last week we went to an appointment and had a very difficult time getting up the ramp as there had been no attempt made to clear the snow.

Honestly, this discussion could go on forever. I’ve only touched on very few issues, and there are so many even I don’t know about.

Look around you.
Things may seem accessible, but are they really?
I’m asking you, if you are in any sort of position to make a change, please do.
Speak up.

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