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My name is Sandra and I’m a wife, mom to two incredible boys and live in Ontario, Canada.

I am a young Canadian wife and mom with two exceptional sons. I previously owned a handmade clothing business that has since closed to focus my time on family.

In 2016 my older son, Timothy, who is now 6, was in a household accident that left him badly burned. Walking through that recovery process opened my eyes into the lives of families involved in the medical system.

When my younger son, Ethan, now 2.5 was born prematurely with an unexpected critical congenital heart defect and airlifted to a major medical center, the same helicopter transport nurse that had cared for his big brother, years before, also flew with her newborn son, Ethan. We were once again immersed in the medical system full force.

Ethan life has been anything but easy, dealing with a neonatal stroke, epilepsy, g-tube dependency, airway/lung issues on top of his CHD and most recently a significant brain injury due to a rare Brain inflammatory disease. Yet he smiles and radiates so much joy. Something both boys have done despite all their challenges.

Photography and Blogging has become an outlet for me. To capture memories that are so precious, as we’ve learned just how valuable those moments really are.

Sharing my story as a Mom of children with intensive medical needs has become my passion – the daily adventures, ups and downs, set-backs and victories. My intention is to share the real-life things, the feelings other parents will be able to relate to so they don’t feel as alone. To share what wisdom we’ve gained walking this journey so maybe someone else doesn’t have to look as far and hard and can have things even just a little bit easier.

Photo Credit Tanya Sinnet Photography
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