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4 Year Burn Anniversary

4 years.

4 years ago life changed in a split second.
This incredibly awful scream echoed through our little basement apartment. Timothy pulled a pot of boiling water off the stove. Chaos completely took over as I was trying to make sense of what just happened, calling 911 while trying to help him. But I was helpless. I didn’t know what to do. Whatever I tried, made him cry more. I remember eventually he laid on our coffee table. It was his place of comfort. It was cool.

The paramedics arrived and made a mess. But who cared, no one. Timothy had stopped crying, his little body in shock as we rushed him to our local hospital. I sat in the back with him, frantically trying to get a hold of Shane, who was working several hours away. When we arrived at our local hospital they initially thought that maybe we could stay there. Maybe it’s not that bad. But it was bad. 55% of his body had been scalded, 30% of which was third degree. His face, neck, chest, arm, thighs, and waistband thanks to the elastic around his shorts. And what would follow would be a transfer to the children’s hospital, a month in ICU, another month on the burn unit. Surgery, countless dressing changes, tears, therapy and SO much more. 4 years ago life changed forever.

It permanently marked his body. It’s a day we will never forget, no matter how much we want to.
It’s a journey that has changed us, shaped us, nearly broken us but we overcame.
He overcame.

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