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18 Months

timothy at the park

1 1/2 Years.

That’s how long it’s been since life changed. One second. One moment. That’s all it took. It wasn’t a long, drawn out event – although that’s what it felt like when it happened – it was one second. It’s such a cliche saying – one second can change your life – but it’s true.

“You hear it all the time, but your life can change in a split second. Those words don’t sink in until your life actually does change in a split second”

-Lindsay Ingram

I still remember that day like it was yesterday. We got up, went through our normal morning routine, played at the playgroup – I have videos of Timothy cruising on a scooter car in the gym and running towards the door as we left. We ran some errands, had lunch, went for a nap. During that nap I made my first ever Pom-Pom Beanie and we took some photos of it when he woke up.

This Photo was taken around 2 1/2 hours before the accident.

Shane was away for the week, working a job several hours away. He was due to come home the next day and our plan for the evening was to go into town to take some Rep Photos with a local Rep. We had figured out our time, and seeing how it was about a 20 minute drive, I decided to make supper early. I figured making a simple meal – Spaghetti with Sauce – and making more than the two of us needed would be fast and provide us with leftovers for the next day. I put the water on the stove, turned it on, tucked the handle in and

waited for the water to boil while getting the rest of the ingredients out and tidying up the house a little.

Timothy was happily playing in the living room. I had since then changed his clothes – because Rep life was real at that point.  Hee didn’t want to wear a shirt because he’s a boy and which boy really likes wearing shirts? He was wearing one of his favourite pairs of shorts – his Brooklyn and Fifth Black and White Striped Harem Shorts.

After that, between the hustle of prepping for our outing, cleaning the house and playing, it took one split second for life to forever change….and I remember every second of it, while at the same time thinking back to this blur of, I don’t even know what. There are sounds, images, feelings I don’t think I will ever forget. They are ingrained in my mind, forever locked in, but not locked away as they creep out on a regular basis, just in case the daily struggle of facing the reality isn’t enough. People say time heals, I guess we’ll see about that….

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