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15 DIY Glass Ornament Ideas for Christmas

Canadian Craft Mom Blog Christmas Crafts 2020

If you are looking to make your own ornaments this year, there are so many beautiful creations you can make from a simple, clear glass ornament. Whether you’re looking for a fun craft for yourself or your kids, you can’t go wrong with a basic clear glass ornament to start! You can find clear glass ornaments at your local craft store, or plastic ones at The Dollar Store that come in a two-pack! These beautiful ornaments look way better than store-bought, and you can customize them however you’d like! Here are 15 DIY clear glass ornament ideas to try this year.

  1. Glitter Unicorn Ornament
  2. Scrap Paper Ornament
  3. Indigo Marbled Ornament
  4. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament
  5. Snow Globe Photo Ornament
  6. Pour Painted Christmas Ornaments
  7. Glitter Painted Ornament
  8. DIY Santa Ornament
  9. Floating Ornament
  10. Snowman Tree Ornament
  11. Easy Christmas Ornament
  12. Minion Glitter Ornament
  13. Faux Snow Ornament
  14. Melted Crayon Ornament
  15. Personalized Glitter Ornaments

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